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Settlements and Verdicts


Medical Malpractice, Birth Injury

A minor with cerebral palsy resulting from of a lack of oxygen during childbirth receives a jury verdict of more than $ 17 million. Roger served as local counsel.

Medical Malpractice, Birth Injury, Wrongful Death

A couple whose child died at birth from brain damage caused by pre-eclampsia (hypertension during pregnancy) receives a settlement of $950,000.

Product Liability, Workplace Injury, Third Party Liability

A worker who sustained a severe hand injury while operating a packaging machine receives a settlement of over $1.9 million from the machine’s manufacturer. Roger served as co-counsel.

Automobile Accident, Wrongful Death

A couple whose 14 year-old son died after being struck by an automobile on his bicycle, receives a settlement of $1,250,000. Roger served as co-counsel.

Personal Injury, Premises Liability

A woman who fell in a pothole, fracturing her right hand and later developing reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), received a settlement of $450,000.

Personal Injury, Dog Bite/Dog Attack

A man whose left arm and leg were fractured when he was knocked to the ground by a dog, receives a settlement of $150,000.

Workers Compensation

A 53 year-old painter suffering from suffering from RSD, resulting from a work-related foot injury, receives a $332,000 Wage Differential settlement.

Personal Injury, Premises Liability

A woman who underwent ankle surgery after a slip and fall due to a slippery surface at the entrance to her condominium building, receives a settlement of $225,000.

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