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Why I Opened Roger D. Rudich, Ltd.

I am attorney Roger Rudich, and I began practicing law over 30 years ago. I opened Roger D. Rudich, Ltd., in Chicago, to help clients receive the compensation they deserve when they are injured, whether in an auto accident, an animal bite or an injury at work.

I have also worked on the other side of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases representing insurance companies. I understand how the insurance companies approach these cases and use this knowledge to help my clients today.

I have been lucky enough to help many people over the years, including multiple generations of families in my community. Through compassion, reputation and dedication, I have earned their trust.

I have also earned the trust of other lawyers in the Chicago area who often refer cases to my office.

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Schedule A Free Consult With Me Today

I offer free consultations, and I will come to your home or the hospital, if necessary. Call me today at 312-815-7911 or send me a message online.

I offer evening and weekend appointments.