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How can construction workers stay safe?

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2019 | Construction Accident Injuries |

While construction workers must be safe and professional on the job site, their employer must also strive to create a safe working environment for all. This entails many steps, which prevent accidents from occurring and ensure workers are trained in how to adequately protect themselves. Accordingly, ConstructConnect.com offers the following tips. 

Personal protective equipment has multiple uses around a construction site. Workers must wear hard hats to protect their heads from falling debris, while protective eyewear provides protection when sawing or drilling. Of course, this is only a small sampling of the type of gear workers must have at all times. Employers should make sure that gear is easily accessible and that workers are fully aware of the need to wear it while on the job. 

Surprisingly, many construction workers are injured getting in and out of their vehicles or equipment. With taller equipment, make sure a step stool is available so workers don’t have to jump or climb into a seat. This can take its toll after so long and may cause injuries to workers. Additionally, emphasize good practices. Employees should be encouraged to check their shoes and surfaces for slippery substances to prevent an accidental fall. 

Ladders can also be quite hazardous. Ladders are ubiquitous on construction sites, so it’s crucial that all workers are properly trained and educated on the proper usage. Keeping a few different sizes on site ensures that your workers will be able to locate an appropriate ladder for the job. Ladder safety must also be communicated, from how to ascend and descend safely to placing a ladder in the proper area. Lastly, if a ladder appears damaged or compromised in some way it should be taken out of rotation until it can be repaired or replaced.