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Types of workers' compensation benefits

If you are employed by a company in Illinois, you should be informed about the various benefits that could help you if you ever become hurt in a job-related accident or develop a medical condition due to the environment in which you must perform your job. These benefits are part of the state's workers' compensation program. There is not just one type of benefit associated with this program and you may qualify for different benefits based on your situation.

Head-on collision kills Shelbyville resident

Driving is often a routine part of one's daily activities in Chicago. Thus, people technically put their lives on the line every day when they get behind the wheel. Most, however, feel comfortable that their own use of safe driving practices will help them to avoid collisions; they also might assume that others on the road around them will also observe the same techniques. Yet while that may be the case in most instances, there may also be times when avoiding a one who is driving their vehicle recklessly cannot be avoided. 

Dog bite lawsuit names landlord, maintenance man as defendants

It may be tough to blame a dog for biting someone in Chicago, as the animal is likely only acting upon its natural instincts. For this reason, dog owners are deemed to be responsible when their pets attack others. The basis for most dog bite claims is that an owner should know their animal well enough to understand if it has aggressive tendencies (and if it does, an owner should not allow it to be around others). Yet could there also be circumstances where liability could also be placed on someone other than the owner. 

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