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Head-on collision kills Shelbyville resident

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Driving is often a routine part of one’s daily activities in Chicago. Thus, people technically put their lives on the line every day when they get behind the wheel. Most, however, feel comfortable that their own use of safe driving practices will help them to avoid collisions; they also might assume that others on the road around them will also observe the same techniques. Yet while that may be the case in most instances, there may also be times when avoiding a one who is driving their vehicle recklessly cannot be avoided.

When such encounters occur, the results are often catastrophic. The fact was evidenced in a collision that recently occurred in Shelbyville. A local man was traveling eastbound on State Highway 16 when a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction suddenly veered into his lane. Both vehicles collided, and neither driver was wearing seatbelts. On top of that, the driver who caused the collision was later charged with driving with a suspended license, failing to have a registered or insured vehicle, and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. He was treated for injuries sustained in the accident; the Shelbyville resident died at the scene.

Even those who may be driving recklessly likely do not intend to cause accidents. Yet their actions cannot be overlooked (both by law enforcement authorities and accident victims). Their conduct opens them up to liability for any damages their accidents cause. Accident victims needing compensation to cover their expenses may thus need to initiate legal action in order to recover such assistance. Compensation may be easier to earn through a lawsuit if one has the assistance of an experienced attorney to rely on.