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Outsized dimensions: large truck/big rig crash outcomes

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Auto Accident Injuries |

No careful Chicagoland motorist needs to be reminded that negotiating the streets and highways spanning the vast metro area is a challenging and risk-laden process.

In a word, traffic is busy. It is also highly varied, with drivers and occupants in passenger vehicles sharing the road with a steady stream of cars, light trucks, buses, motorcycles, delivery vans and other conveyances.

Looming particularly large on urban roadways – in both a figurative and literal sense – are behemoths such as tractor trailers and 18-wheel rigs. Their mere presence dramatically changes driving realities for all vehicles in near proximity to them.

Large trucks have huge blind spots. They neither stop nor slow easily.

And, of course, they dwarf virtually all other traffic around them. Loaded big rigs weigh scores of thousands of pounds, with that tonnage typically coming into devastating play when they are involved in crashes with other vehicles.

We duly note that at the long-established Chicago personal injury firm of Rudich Law. We underscore on our website the serious and often life-altering injuries suffered by individuals involved in large truck crashes. Those range widely from brain, neck and spinal injuries to broken bones and internal complications.

It is imperative for an accident victim to respond timely, aggressively and knowledgeably to a truck-related accident causing personal injuries. Truck crash cases are complex. We note that “many semi-truck and professional drivers will have the power of a corporation behind them,” and push back hard against liability claims.

An experienced legal team can counter that by employing a strategy that addresses full crash accountability and diligently seeks to secure maximum financial compensation for a victim and loved ones following an accident. A meaningful remedy can compensate for lost time at work, provide funds to cover medical costs and cover future needs.

A seasoned personal injury attorney can provide further information.