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Car accident fatalities are increasing

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Auto Accident Injuries |

If it seems that fatal accidents are on the increase in Illinois and throughout the country, the numbers support this. In the time period from 2014 to 2016, the last known years of statistics, the number of car accident fatalities rose by 13%. This presents additional challenges for regulators and law enforcement to keep the situation under control.

There are several factors suggested by the National Safety Council regarding the increase. Speed limits are higher on many roads. The faster cars are traveling, the greater the chance that there will be serious accidents in a crash. In addition, drivers are becoming increasingly more distracted behind the wheel as there are numerous technologies and apps that compete for their attention when they are operating their cars. Efforts to ban cellphones are not always enforced, resulting in drivers who are not fully paying attention. Finally, drivers still are not wearing seat belts at all times. Police officers have the ability to pull a driver over for not following that law, but they do not always do so.

Experts say that states should take further steps to restrict and ban the use of cellphones while driving. In addition, automakers should equip their cars with ignition locks that would prevent them from being operated by a drunk driver. Even with self-driving cars on the horizon, steps must be taken for a safer future for drivers.

Drivers and passengers who have been injured in a car crash have legal rights. If someone else was at fault, those who have been injured may be entitled to financial compensation for their auto accident injuries. They may want to retain a personal injury lawyer to assist them with filing a claim for compensation with the insurance company. If the insurance company will not pay, the attorney may file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their client.