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Taking steps towards a safer construction site

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

The federal standards on construction site safety are clear, and it is up to construction owners in Illinois to follow them. The following summary breaks down, in eight steps, what owners should do to maintain the safety of their employees. The first step is to be aware: that is, aware of safety hazards on the job site and the ways to minimize them.

Establishing a regular training program is the next step. Not only that, but employees should also be able to practice their safety training skills on-site. Third, there should be effective communication between workers so that everyone acts in accordance with the rules. To this end, employers can supply walkie-talkies, headsets or other devices. Fourth, they should document everything that goes on. This can help mitigate any legal actions.

The fifth step is to give workers access to the right equipment since injuries can arise from using the wrong equipment. Besides that, employers must ensure that all machinery is well-maintained. Sixth, a supervisor should monitor the employees and correct them when necessary.

The last two steps can be summed up with the words “innovation” and “transparency.” Employers must encourage new safety practices and support legislation that proposes to improve construction safety. On the other hand, they must not cover up any accidents that occur despite their best efforts at prevention.

Injured employees, for their part, can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. They are eligible regardless of who was at fault, yet the claim may be denied for various reasons. If that happens, then their only option would be to file an appeal. For assistance with every step, victims may want to have legal representation.