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How companies can guard against falls

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

According to OSHA, companies in Illinois and throughout the country struggle to prevent fall injuries and deaths. Annually, companies lose $70 billion to medical and workers’ compensation costs associated with falls in the workplace. Losing workers to fall injuries can also result in higher labor costs as well as lower workplace morale. However, there are ways that companies can prevent falls from happening. Ideally, employers will determine ahead of time the type of hazards a worker may face.

For instance, those who are working more than six feet off of the ground will need fall protection gear while using ladders or scaffolds. It is also important to make sure that workers are using ladders and scaffolding equipment that are appropriate for the task that they are performing. All equipment should be inspected before it is used, and workers should be taught how to use it safely.

Companies could benefit from working with a fall prevention expert. This individual can point out various hazards that may need to be remedied before a project begins. Organizations are also encouraged to review their current insurance policies to determine if they are adequately protected financially in the event of a workplace fall. This is important because it is impossible to eliminate all falls or to predict when or how they could happen.

Employees who are hurt while on the job could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Financial benefits may help to pay medical bills related to back, neck or other injuries that were caused by a workplace fall. Workers might be entitled to benefits even if they played a role in causing the accident that resulted in their injuries. An attorney may be able to help injured workers who have questions about how the workers’ compensation system works.