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5 types of Illinois workers’ compensation benefits

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Whether you work in manufacturing, construction or a technical field, all jobs come with some degree of risk. Fortunately, workers’ compensation covers many types of workplace injuries and illnesses. 

The workers’ compensation system can be difficult to navigate. To help, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission offers resources for employers and employees. However, you may still have questions about your own situation. Here is a brief overview of what workers’ compensation may cover. 

Medical bills 

One of the most important steps in filing for workers’ compensation is getting a diagnosis from a doctor. Workers’ compensation covers medical appointments, as well as emergency care if necessary. 

Treatment expenses

You may need more than just office visits as you heal from your injury. Workers’ compensation pays for hospitalization, medications, surgery and ongoing treatment such as physical therapy. 

Appliances and adaptations

Your circumstance may call for devices such as prosthetics or a wheelchair. Your home may need modifications such as a ramp or wheelchair lift. As they are necessary for your healing, workers’ compensation can cover such items. 

Lost wages

Recovery takes time. If you cannot work during your recovery period, workers’ compensation can help make up for lost wages. There are minimum and maximum amounts allowed, but in general you should receive two-thirds of your weekly wage. 

Disability or vocational rehabilitation

You may not be able to return to your old job, and your new position may pay less than your previous one. In that case you may receive partial disability payments to make up the difference. Training for a new career may be available. If your injury or illness is severe enough, you may receive disability payments for life.