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Bus accident in Ogle County leaves students injured

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2020 | Auto Accident Injuries |

Many accidents involve those at fault and those who are victims in different vehicles. But when it comes to personal injury claims, that is not always the case. In situations of a single vehicle accident, there still may be at-fault drivers and victims.

Ogle County News reports on a bus accident that resulted in the injury of three minors.

A stop sign unseen

Eleven minors and a 74-year-old driver crashed through a drained retention pond and across a grass field on an evening trip to a cross country meet in Oregon, Illinois. Local authorities assume the driver ran the stop sign because the sun was in his eyes.

Medical personnel transported three of the eleven minors to area hospitals with minor injuries while the parents of the other eight picked them up on the scene.

The bus was not driveable after the crash broke the vehicle’s shocks. The driver received citations for disregarding a traffic control device and failure to reduce speeds to avoid an accident.

It is unknown if the uninjured parties, including the elderly driver, suffered smaller injuries like whiplash.

Questions in the aftermath

While the injuries sustained were minor, each student needed a trip to an area hospital, treatment, and recovery. What will their insurance cover? Whose insurance handles paying these costs? Is it a matter for the school to take care of since the bus driver was on the job? Or does the failure to stop change things?

These questions need diligent investigation to answer, and the students injured and their parents deserve whatever compensation is necessary to let them move on with their lives.