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A Workplace Injury Can Make Your Future Uncertain

There are many ways employees can sustain an injury in the workplace. Some include:

  • Overexertion that causes back, neck and shoulder injuries
  • Falls, both at floor level and off a height, such as a ladder or scaffolding
  • Collisions with equipment or falling objects
  • Auto accidents while driving on the job
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Regardless of the industry, countless questions may filter through your mind. How much will my medical bills cost? Will I ever fully recover? What if I can’t get back to work? How will I support my family?

Experienced One-On-One Legal Help

I am attorney Roger Rudich. At my law office, I have helped individuals in Chicago and surrounding communities with all aspects of the Illinois workers’ compensation process for 30-plus years.

Whether you work in the airline industry, on a construction site or in a technical work environment, I have experience assisting with filing a claim, filing out documentation and, for those who have applied and been denied, the appeals process.

As your lawyer, I will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve. You have the right to compensation for medical expenses, a portion of your lost wages and any permanent injury or more.

Let Me Help You Figure Out Your Next Step

If you have a workplace injury and don’t know what to do next, call me to talk about your injury and the law.

Call 312-815-7911, or send me an email. I offer free consultations.

Sustained a construction site injury? You may also be entitled to recover against a third party in addition to receiving workers’ comp benefits.